A patent is an exclusive right granted by the state to an inventor for his invention in the field of technology, which for a given period to own his invention to other parties to implement it. Invention is the idea of inventors who poured in any activity of solving a specific problem in the field of technology, it can be a product or process, or improvement and development of products or processes. Patents in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 13 of 2016 provided for a period of 20 years starting from the date of receipt and that period can not be extended.

Our Service:

  • Preparation and filing of patent and simple patent/ utility model applications
  • Maintenance during process in Directorate patent (DGIP) to make sure applications granted soon as
  • Annuity/maintenance service (after granted)
  • Consultation and expert opinions on searching and drafting patent
  • License, Appeals and litigation